2017 Calendar

For the third year in a row, I’ve teamed up with Mary Williams Hyde to compile a calendar filled with images of working cowboys from the Great Basin. We have a few changes in our 2017 calendar – the most apparent is that my photographs are featured on half the pages, and Mary’s are on the other half. Mary is based out of Klamath Falls, Oregon and travels around to various ranches and rodeos to take pictures. I’m based out of Wherever The Heck We Live This Year (currently we are at the Spanish Ranch north of Elko, Nevada), and I take pictures of the ranch life that my cowboy husband works in everyday.

We sorted through our favorite pictures from the past year or so and chose 12 images of seasonal ranch work or ranch rodeo action to feature on each month. Mary’s photos on the front and back covers give the calendar an art book-like quality, and we included a bonus section featuring one of my blogs and some family photos from around the ranch.

Calendars are shipped directly from the printer in Kansas, and orders from the previous week are shipped each Monday. They cost $16.25 each, plus $6.45 for shipping and handling. A single S&H fee covers up to 4 calendars, the maximum that will fit in an envelope.

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