About Me

I grew up in the small-town ranch country of northern California and moved to Nevada in my early twenties to work on a cattle ranch north of Elko. One spring, I met a tall buckaroo who picked me up for our first date in his ’92 Ford, and I put my hand in his back pocket as we walked through downtown after dinner. We have been married since August 2012, although we struggle to remember the exact date.

Jim and I recently traded the sagebrush sea of the Great Basin for the prickly paradise of the rocky Southwest. These days, we live in a remote cow camp on the O RO Ranch in northern Arizona with our four-year-old daughter Grace and one-year-old son Milo. I write a humor column about our crazy adventures off the grid and 2 1/2 hours from the nearest town. My goal is to become famous enough to be on Dancing With The Stars, or at least get some hate mail.

My husband and I both love the ranching lifestyle and are grateful we can raise our kids around horses, cattle, ropes, and dirt.

Faith comes first, family comes second, and everything else works itself out.

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Mike Orphey says:

    I’m really enjoying reading your articles. I’m an old NM / AZ cowpuncher. My wife & I moved over 30 times the first 7 years of marriage. All the while totin our boy w/ us. I got into another line of work and started building our own outfit. After 32 years we got it. Still owe some on it but ours. She is still by my side, working has hard has ever has an ASM @ Tractor Supply. Remember your gonna hit hard , hard stumbling blocks in whatever it is your gonna do together. Just get pockets full of faith and love and take small deliberate steps. Thanks,
    Noticing lots of workin buckaroos wearing work boots these days. We used to also. Maybe you could give me a reply on that.

    • Jolyn Young says:

      Hi Mike! So nice of you to leave that lovely note. I’m working on a blog about what modern-day buckaroos wear, and work boots are definitely on the list. Guys who have broken their legs and/or ankles in the past often wear the lace-up kind for added support, and others wear the pull-on kind at brandings or when processing cattle because of all the walking involved. They’re also great for winter because you can wear thick wool socks (or stuff handwarmers into them), which you can’t do with a pair of custom Paul Bonds.

      Can I steal your line “Pockets full of faith” for a blog title? I love that!!

  2. Miranda says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. My Mom has lived just outside of Winnemucca since I was 14, I’m 38 now, but I spent all my summers and winter and spring breaks there with her. I miss Nevada and the great basin so much! Your blog gives me a little window so that I can escape the hell of San Diego for awhile.

  3. Ruth Hendon says:

    Loving your blog! The images that your writing have created in my mind are cracking my husband and I up! Bringing back so many memories! Thanks for sharing!

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