How To Pick A Cowboy

Maybe his hat first caught your eye, all cleaned and shaped up nice. He wore a pearl-snap shirt and buckle, and Levi's that made you look twice. But lots of guys look good in jeans, and have their lid shaped in a shop. So, how can you tell a dink in spurs, from a hand... Continue Reading →

If You’re Gonna Marry A Cowboy… better get used to dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. There will be dirt on your floors, tracked in by cowboy boots and blown through invisible cracks in the seals around your windows and doors. Dirt will be caked onto his jeans heaped in the laundry room, and large quantities will be washed down... Continue Reading →

Dating vs. Married

When you're dating, he is always on time, freshly shaved, smelling good and packing plenty of cash. She always has full eyeshadow, a trendy shirt and never eats more than half her meal. Once rings are exchanged, the smell-good stuff wears off and nobody can remember where the debit card is. Here are a few... Continue Reading →

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