Spoiler Alert For The 2018 Winter Olympics: It Will Be Cold

Despite the efforts of global warming advocates, the upcoming sporting events will still take place in the snow.

For Better or for Worse, But Not for Decent Housing

The first house we moved into as a married couple was livable, as long as a person had low standards. We did; I was five months pregnant and we needed insurance and a place to live, so I would’ve moved into a wall tent if the ranch offered a decent PPO. When we went toContinue reading “For Better or for Worse, But Not for Decent Housing”

America’s Next Tot Model

Just in case her budding career as a blueberry-smashing chair climber doesn’t pan out, young Grace Young is honing her skills and enhancing her early proclivity for modeling. Check out this first shot in her portfolio: see how she gazes into the distance, completely unperturbed by the flash and snap of the camera? She’s soContinue reading “America’s Next Tot Model”