A Charolais bull grazes at the Three Creek Ranch, a division of the J.R. Simplot Corporation, near Rogerson, Idaho.

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Rodeo and bronc riding is a ranch country tradition on the Fourth of July. Here, Terry Cahill rides a bucking horse at the McDermitt Ranch Hand Rodeo.

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Young Ike Marvel walks through the sagebrush at Dry Creek on a summer evening.

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Dog may be man’s best friend, but a friendly barn cat is a little girl’s best friend. Here, one-year-old Grace walks with a kitty at the Alvord Ranch in eastern Oregon.

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The pogonip is sure pretty, and it’s sure cold, too. This tree was decorated with pogonip at the RO Ranch in central Nevada.

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Branding calves is a ranching tradition in the American West. Here, a father shows his young son how to hold the ropes while a calf is branded at a ranch in Monitor Valley, Nevada.

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Wildflowers in bloom make the high desert sagebrush country wildly colorful each spring. This dark red Indian paintbrush was photographed at the Spanish Ranch headquarters north of Elko, Nevada.

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Wedding rings – this one in particular – might be one of my favorite things. I put this band of gold on my husband’s hand back in 2012, and he’s been wearing it ever since.

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When roping, sometimes a cowboy has to shorten the reins with his teeth. Here, Cole Stremler rides a young horse at a Spanish Ranch branding.

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Have you kissed a cowboy today? I have! This family photo from 2014, taken with my camera’s self-timer, was outdated the next year when our son Milo was born.

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Brilliant blue wildflowers on a cloudy day by a trickling creek. I love it.

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Walking through a corn maze was a fun adventure, and we didn’t even lose a kid! Here, my daughter Grace walks hand-in-hand with a friend’s son, Monte, at a fall festival in Winnemucca, Nevada.

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How do you get a ranch kid to smile for a portrait? Ask her what her favorite thing to do is, then click the shutter when she yells “Yah, horsey!”

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When I saw this black Angus bull and wild antelope hanging out together so calmly, I had to pull over and take a picture. They were photographed in the Independence Valley in northern Nevada.

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This sorrel horse is holding the rope and paying attention during his first branding.

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Some people drive to work each day, but a cowboy rides to work. Here, my husband rides his favorite horse, “Bob,” at the Diamond A Ranch near Jarbidge, Nevada.

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