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A lifelong agriculturalist, my byline has appeared in in regional and national trade publications since 2010. Here’s what Tim O’Byrne, Editor/Publisher of Working Ranch Magazine, says about my work:

“Prudent professionalism, respect for fact-checking and deadlines, quick turnaround communication and unflinching curiosity combined with an earthy talent for connecting to the reader and ‘taking them’ there through word and image are valuable attributes I would use to describe Jolyn Young’s style of journalism. She doesn’t just observe America’s agriculture world and the people within, she lives it.”


This article appeared in the Jan/Feb issue of Nevada Magazine, the Silver State’s official tourism guide.
Nevada Cowboys Ride Onto the Big Screen


I write a lifestyle column that appears monthly on Western Horsemanwebsite. I share what it’s like to raise a cowboy family in modern times, featuring horses in the front yard and tiny cowboy hats. Check it out at Real Life Ranch Wife.


Working on a cattle ranch in the Great Basin region of Nevada, Oregon and Idaho is very different from ranching in the Southwest. The style of gear, methods, and of course the landscape vary widely. Here’s a comparison article I did on the two regions.
Cowpunchers & Buckaroos – RANGE Magazine, Spring Issue

Here’s a story I wrote about traditional cowboy life on the rugged, remote O RO Ranch of northern Arizona.
Arizona’s O RO Ranch – Working Ranch Magazine, April/May

I attended the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop in Ohio, and the folks at the workshop were kind enough to feature my essay about the experience on their website.
Three Days Of Fun –, April


Cowboys still camp out on the range to brand calves on many ranches in the western United States. Here’s a feature-length story I wrote about the spring wagon on the legendary Spanish Ranch of northern Nevada.
The Heart Of Cowboy Camp – American Cowboy, April

Some ranches pull a wagon only in the spring, but the O RO in northern Arizona pulls a spring and a fall wagon. What do I mean by “wagon”? Check out this Q&A post I did for to find out.
Weird Wagon Questions –, May

Here, you can listen to a podcast I did with the hosts of Horses In The Morning. If you have fifteen minutes and care to listen, you’ll hear me tell the hosts all about my family’s experience of living 4 1/2 hours from the nearest town. They were very interested in how I obtained ice cream. Short answer: I usually didn’t.

Click here to listen to the podcast. My interview starts at minute 30.


I wrote this next op-ed in about two evenings while my husband and kids were asleep. It is one my favorite pieces I have written to date.
The Life We Choose – American Cowboy Magazine, May

Here’s a story that originally ran in the Nevada Rancher magazine and was reprinted on BEEF magazine’s website.
8 Tips From an Old Time Rancher on how to Succeed in Ranching


This was my first big assignment for a national magazine, and I was super excited to write it.
Building On Tradition: The Spanish Ranch – American Cowboy magazine, special supplement fall 2015


The very first article I ever had published was back in 2010.  I love it because the editor gave it a great title and included a picture of me and my favorite horse when I was a kid.
Growing Up Poor, Living Rich – RANGE Magazine, Fall Issue


A story I wrote about the Goicoechea family ranch in northern Nevada was chosen for inclusion in a hardback book by RANGE magazine.
The Good, The Bad, & The Bovine

A few years ago, I wrote an essay about the importance of cooking tasty food on a remote ranch. With no restaurants nearby and take-out a distant dream, it’s vital that someone in the house learn to cook some good grub. My essay is included in the book below.
Cattlewomen’s Ranch Cookbook