Published Articles

The very first article I ever had published was back in 2010. I had a family friend help me write a cover letter, then I sent an essay over to CJ Hadley at RANGE magazine. Much to my surprise, she accepted the piece! I love it because she gave it a great title, and there’s a picture of me and my favorite horse when I was a kid. Here’s the link:

Growing Up Poor, Living Rich – RANGE magazine, Fall 2010

This next op-ed was published in American Cowboy, a great magazine that sadly is no longer around. Regardless, this is one my favorite pieces I have written to date.

The Life We Choose – American Cowboy magazine, June/July 2016

Because family photos can be hilarious, especially when a tripod and a toddler are involved, here’s a collection of Christmas card images that didn’t quite make the mark.

Family Photo Outtakes – Nevada Rancher magazine, December 2015

Lyme Disease affects so many people, one of whom is a dear friend and writing mentor. I was 23 years old and sitting in my pickup in Elko, Nevada when I called Andy Rieber at the suggestion of a mutual friend. She encouraged me in my writing pursuits and told me I had a story worth telling. So in a fairly direct way, this is all her fault. Kidding! Here’s a story I wrote about Lyme based on Andy’s ongoing battle.

Quest For A Cure: Lyme Disease reaches epidemic proportions – Nevada Rancher, April 2016

The above-mentioned Andy Rieber recommended me to a magazine editor as someone who could write a story about Great Basin ranches. This was my first big assignment, and I was super excited about writing it and only called/emailed/texted/sent messenger pigeons to Andy for advice like 20 or 30 times. She was very patient and only hung up on me once. Kidding! It was more like twice. But seriously, she helped me out A LOT.

Building On Tradition: The Spanish Ranch – American Cowboy magazine, special supplement fall 2015

We live on one of the last few big ranches that use a wagon to work cattle. Some ranches pull a wagon only in the spring, but the O RO in northern Arizona pulls a spring and a fall wagon. What do I mean by “wagon”? Check out this Q&A post I did for to find out.

Weird Wagon Questions,, May 2017 

And perhaps for the most exciting place my work has appeared…the upcoming RANGE magazine book! A story I wrote about a family ranch in northern Nevada was chosen for inclusion in The Good, The Bad, & The Bovine, a hardback book that will be available in November.

From their website:

“We combed through everything printed in 100 RANGE magazines and a lot
that was left out. Now the best is all in one big, colorful hardback volume.”

HOLY MOLY! They deemed one of MY articles as “one of the best”?! I am very flattered and can’t wait to get my paws on a copy of this book. If you share that sentiment, you can pre-order here.