How To Pick A Cowboy

Maybe his hat first caught your eye, all cleaned and shaped up nice. He wore a pearl-snap shirt and buckle, and Levi’s that made you look twice. But lots of guys look good in jeans, and have their lid shaped in a shop. So, how can you tell a dink in spurs, from a handContinue reading “How To Pick A Cowboy”

Calendar Craze

I am so excited about the 2017 Buckaroo Country calendar! Mary Williams Hyde and I so enjoy looking back on our photographs and picking out our favorite images to share with all of you for the coming year. It’s hard to pick just 12, though – each picture brings up unique memories for us andContinue reading “Calendar Craze”

Merry Christmas Letter

Greetings! I hope this finds you and yours well and wonderful. We are doing great – 2015 was a big year for the Youngs. Jolyn and Jim spent their first child-free weekend together in Tahoe, and their second baby was born.* All year long, their days (and Jolyn’s belly) leaned increasingly heavily toward autumn, culminatingContinue reading “Merry Christmas Letter”

Getting paid to panic – I mean speak in public

I did my first paid speaking gig over the weekend. Only one person fell asleep, so I considered it a success. I was on a panel for a discussion called Being Cowboy in a Digital World at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, along with Jessica Hedges of Oregon and Jessie Veeder of NorthContinue reading “Getting paid to panic – I mean speak in public”

Being Cowboy in a Digital Age

I don’t see myself as a liaison between the ranching world and city dwellers. I don’t use my blog or Facebook posts to explain our way of life to non-agricultural consumers. I mostly blog to amuse myself and make fun of my friends. I always blog with a pretty strong self-censor, too, because if outsidersContinue reading “Being Cowboy in a Digital Age”

The Good Ol’ Days

I’ve heard tales about going out out the spring and fall wagons for 3 months at a time, when each ranch had a crew of at least six cowboys, each cowboy had at least ten horses in his string, and there were a whole lot more ranches still running in the Great Basin. I hadContinue reading “The Good Ol’ Days”