Getting paid to panic – I mean speak in public

I did my first paid speaking gig over the weekend. Only one person fell asleep, so I considered it a success. I was on a panel for a discussion called Being Cowboy in a Digital World at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, along with Jessica Hedges of Oregon and Jessie Veeder of NorthContinue reading “Getting paid to panic – I mean speak in public”

Being Cowboy in a Digital Age

I don’t see myself as a liaison between the ranching world and city dwellers. I don’t use my blog or Facebook posts to explain our way of life to non-agricultural consumers. I mostly blog to amuse myself and make fun of my friends. I always blog with a pretty strong self-censor, too, because if outsidersContinue reading “Being Cowboy in a Digital Age”

How To Get To Town

Going to town from the Diamond A in Northern Nevada is usually an all-day affair. If it doesn’t take all day, it takes 15/16ths of a day, so it might as well take all day. The two-hour drive to Twin Falls, Idaho, the closest hub of civilization with a grocery store, is peaceful and beautiful.Continue reading “How To Get To Town”