If You’re Gonna Marry A Cowboy…

…you better get used to dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. There will be dirt on your floors, tracked in by cowboy boots and blown through invisible cracks in the seals around your windows and doors. Dirt will be caked onto his jeans heaped in the laundry room, and large quantities will be washed downContinue reading “If You’re Gonna Marry A Cowboy…”

So you wanna marry a buckaroo?

So, you found a man who can start a colt, And ride and rope and shoe. He packs a roll of tape in the pickup, And always carries a can of chew. You like the way he shapes his hat, And his horse is always bridled up nice. If he ever asked you out onContinue reading “So you wanna marry a buckaroo?”

Towing the Stock Truck: A How-To Manual for Aggravating Your Husband

When Jim asked me to tow the stock truck down off the mountain where it had broken down last summer, I told him I’d never towed a vehicle before. He said that was fine, there was a first time for everything. Me, Jim and six-month-old baby Grace hopped in the company pickup and drove fiveContinue reading “Towing the Stock Truck: A How-To Manual for Aggravating Your Husband”