Mrs. Young III: the new (and hopefully improved) Miss Laubacher

After a two-year hiatus, I’m back at the blog machine. Not to be confused with the fog machine. Not that anyone was likely to get those confused. Not that those two have anything to do with each other. Sorry I mentioned that. Hope I didn’t cloud anyone’s thought process.

Since my last blog post, I have acquired a husband, a new last name, and a baby. Jim (that’s the husband), Grace (that’s the baby), and I live at the Young household (that’s the new last name) on the Diamond A Ranch near Jarbidge, Nevada. We are 100 miles from a grocery store in any direction. It’s a two-hour drive to Twin Falls, Idaho, and a 3-hour drive to Elko, Nevada. This is the most isolated I’ve ever been, and it’s a fun adventure.

Jim cowboys for the Diamond A, and I take care of Grace and the house and write full-time for the Nevada Rancher magazine. Because I am insane, I also recently began sewing Grace’s cloth diapers and baking bread. I’m just like one of the original homesteaders, except with a diesel pickup and satellite TV.

Satellite TV and Internet sure help take the edge off the isolation. Without virtual human interaction via Facebook and reruns of Friends, a woman could lose her mind out here where the hoot owl winks at the chicken. I’m glad I have Grace for company. Jim said he knew I was going crazy when he heard me talking to the baby and holding up both ends of the conversation. At least he was a supportive co-parent and scolded Grace for her back talk.
Grace is 11 months old and getting to be more fun every day. She crawls all over the place and is just starting to take a few independent steps. I bought her a pair of shoes the other day and wanted to cry when I saw her wearing them – she looked like a big kid, like she’s ready to walk right out the door to kindergarten. (Ok, out here it’s more like “out the door and down 12 miles of dirt road followed by 15 miles of pavement to kindergarten.”) So, I’ve decided to not let her grow up anymore. Or maybe just to not let her wear shoes anymore. Jim said I’m overreacting and that she’ll still love and need me even when she can walk.

When I’m not nurturing my child/trying to stunt her growth, I’m researching topics and interviewing cool people for agricultural articles for the Nevada Rancher. I’ve been their staff writer for nearly two years, and I absolutely like my job. I used to say I love my job, then I married Jim and had Grace and learned what true love really was. I’m very fortunate to have a job I thoroughly enjoy AND stay home with my sweet baby, and I count it as one of my biggest blessings.

I’m excited to revive my blog and share some of the adventures of living out here past the edge of civilization. If you like pop culture, the latest fashions and paved anything, this blog probably isn’t for you. If you’re interested in mountain lion sightings, horse ropings, cooking from scratch and Handyman jack/gunfights (??), you’re reading the right blog.

Look for the Nevada Rancher magazine on Facebook and call 866-644-5011 to subscribe. We’d love to have you as a reader!

Myself and Grace at a roping in Owyhee last month.
Myself and Grace at a roping in Owyhee last month. It only took us 3 hours to drive 80 miles – gotta love dirt roads!


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