Merry Christmas Letter

Greetings! I hope this finds you and yours well and wonderful. We are doing great – 2015 was a big year for the Youngs. Jolyn and Jim spent their first child-free weekend together in Tahoe, and their second baby was born.* All year long, their days (and Jolyn’s belly) leaned increasingly heavily toward autumn, culminating in the arrival of Milo James on September 28th.

We brought the baby home to the RO in a torrential downpour. The experience was reminiscent of bringing Grace home from the hospital, when a blizzard slowed interstate traffic to 45 MPH.

“One day, they’ll start paying us to bring babies home from the hospital,” Jim said.

The moisture was fortuitous, but the real wonderment was the fact that the family has been receiving mail at the same address for a full year. Jolyn has fully nested, repairing the large holes in the walls and hanging decorative artwork over the small ones. Jim built a braiding bench for himself and a dining room table for Jolyn out of two-by-fours, and now he doesn’t want to relocate because the weight of each individual item is comparable to a small Shetland pony.

The RO has treated the Youngs well, though, and they are absolutely loving being a family of four. Grace adores her baby brother and has only dropped him two or three times. She has firmly attached herself to her father as a Daddy’s girl. She isn’t afraid to tell her mom “No” with authority when she is helping her dad load calves into the chute and her mother offers helpful suggestions about timing hot shot use with the opening of the gate.

Milo is still devoted entirely to his mother, as commonly happens when you are someone’s sole food source. He is a very mellow baby so far, taking after his father in his determination to sleep anywhere, anytime the mood strikes him. He can even sleep through his sister’s sitting on him and trying to stuff a carrot stick in his mouth. It’s a gift.

Jolyn is still working full-time for the Nevada Rancher magazine, and plans to continue to do so until someone offers her equal or more pay for writing smart-aleck remarks and making fun of her husband in print. Jim is still working as a cowboy and plans to continue to do so until something better comes along. Just kidding! Nothing could be better than cowboying for a living.

We feel extra blessed this year to have completed our family and are enjoying every day one minute at a time. We are very grateful to have so many wonderful family members and friends in our lives, and we sincerely hope you all feel as blessed as we do. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a stellar 2016!
Much love,

Jolyn, Jim, Grace and Milo
*Despite outward appearances, these two events are unrelated.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family and best wishes for a happy New Year. Love your letters, keepum coming!

    1. Thank you, how fun to have an international Christmas wish! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. My maiden name is Laubacher, ancestors came over from Alsace Lorraine (sp) 🙂

  2. really?! 😊 do you still have any friends or family in Europe? We have lived in alamogordo/NM for four years. It was an awesome experience and we miss it very much!

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