Mama’s New Ride

I’ve driven a three-quarter ton Dodge pickup everywhere since Jim and I got married nearly four years ago. We only wanted one vehicle payment, and both of us work from home and avoid going to town as much as possible, so it worked out just fine.

Until last month, when Grace had her speech therapy assessment and qualified for an early intervention program 2-4 times a week. The program is in Elko, 60 miles from our home at the Spanish Ranch.

Dang it. As a desolate ranch wife, I knew I would turn into a one-mom school bus driver at some point, but I was hoping to stave it off for a few more years. But, I also want my three-year-old daughter to develop her language skills, and I really do believe speech therapy and preschool would help her thrive, so I’ll take the plunge early.

On August 29th, we’ll start our twice-weekly drive to Elko. We didn’t think driving a big ol’ flatbed with a diesel engine would be wise, so I started shopping around for an SUV. I was thinking about a Subaru Outback, then I saw an ad for a 1995 Jeep Cherokee with low mileage for an older vehicle. The price looked right, so I drove to Spring Creek and checked it out.

The older gentleman who owned the car kept it in pristine condition. There wasn’t a scratch on the paint and the interior was spotless. Me and Milo took it for a test drive (because I wouldn’t get a true feel for it without a screaming baby in the backseat) and I told Bill I’d take it.

Here she is!

Jeep Cherokee

This picture was taken out at the wagon camp when the kids and I met up with Jim and the cowboys for a short trip last week. I thought I’d replicate an ad I saw for a wool blanket in the last Pendleton catalog.


Think I nailed it.

So far, I am really enjoying my 21-year-old set of wheels. It’s so much easier to drive in town and whip into a parking spot than the Dodge. I feel so sporty, and it satisfies the SUV envy that I’ve had for a couple years now. I can put luggage and groceries in the back, shut the door, and they don’t get all dusty. Grace loves having her own window, which she insists be rolled down all the time. The wind blows through her wispy blond hair and she looks like a shaggy dog with her nose scrunched up, but she loves it.

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  1. Dear Jolyn, I so enjoyed your story, so well written and full of life. Looking forward to more, thank you!

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