Calendar Craze

I am so excited about the 2017 Buckaroo Country calendar! Mary Williams Hyde and I so enjoy looking back on our photographs and picking out our favorite images to share with all of you for the coming year. It’s hard to pick just 12, though – each picture brings up unique memories for us and we wish we could share 112!

This is a picture I took of my daughter, Grace. This was right after I took pictures of my husband’s horse, Bob, for the Van Norman and Friends Production Sale catalog. The day was stormy, but the catalog sale deadline was quickly approaching and this was the last day we had to take a picture before Jim went back out on the wagon with the cowboy crew.

april-2017-calendarwSo, we put a hoodie on the baby (who was strapped to my back), ran to the barn, Jim saddled and brushed Bob, and we hung out in the barn until it looked like there would be a ten-minute window to stand at the edge of a meadow and snap a few catalog pics.

We got our horse sale picture, plus I snapped a few of Grace looking at the horses. She kind of loves horses. Especially her horse, Butters.

I took this picture near Chimney Creek (see Chimney Rock in the background?), near the wagon camps at the Spanish Ranch. Tori and I had brought lunch to the cowboy crew, after which they all took a little siesta. We had the kids with us, and I knew baby Milo would wake up from his nap any minute, so I wandered around and took an obnoxious amount of pictures, including this one.


For a little somethin’ extra, we threw in a page featuring an abbreviated version of one of my blogs, plus some family photos. I think I might just display this picture all of next year. My favorite people doing some of my favorite things – what’s not to love?


If you’d like to order a calendar, go to the “2017 Buckaroo Country Calendar” tab on my website. Or, come see me at the Western States Ranch Rodeo Finals in Winnemucca November 3-6. Mary and I will have calendars and some of her pictures for sale, plus some extra fun stuff you’ll have to come see!


About Jolyn Young

I grew up in California, way up north near the Oregon border. My family raised commercial Herefords long enough to get me hooked on cowboying, for better or for worse, but not for prosperity. I met my husband, Jim, when we were working for neighboring ranches in North Fork, Nevada. We fell in love, got married and had a baby - kind of in that order. We now live on the O RO Ranch in northern Arizona, where Jim works as a cowboy and I take care of our two kids and write a blog and various freelance assignments. I love the Lord and credit Him with all my victories and accomplishments. More important than anything I accomplish or don't accomplish, though, is the eternal salvation of my soul that believing in Jesus promises me. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!
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2 Responses to Calendar Craze

  1. Brian Baldwin says:

    Love it Jolyn!

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