The New Plan

Hello again and welcome to the second post on my personal blog this year! It’s so nice to reconnect with those of you who first followed my blog years ago. I’d like to extend a big welcome to the handful of new followers who recently joined us. I’m not sure where we’re going, but I’m glad you’re along for the trip.

Okay, here’s the new plan: I’ll post a blog over here on the 1st and 15th of each month. It’s like a paycheck, but without the money. So not as much fun. Sorry about that.

Anyway, we’re moving to Arizona later this month, so we have been riding our horses every day instead of packing. You know how it goes. Once I get around to it, the packing should be pretty easy, though, because I’m just throwing everything away this time. We’ve moved 10 times in 10 years, always with a horse trailer and usually in the rain. I’m over it. We don’t need stuff – and besides, we just seem to acquire more stuff wherever we go whether we want it or not. So I’m just going to lope circles on my big roan horse and pretend like cardboard boxes aren’t real.

Here’s my other new plan: I’m working on getting some comedy material up on YouTube. Which means I created a YouTube channel and I feel ridiculous even saying that, because I am the farthest thing from a YouTuber that either you or I can imagine. But then again, chuckwagon cook/author/funny man Kent Rollins has a channel and he’s awesome, so here we go. I’ll post links and info as soon as I create some content. Right now, my channel looks like an empty, newly built home in the suburbs. We’ll get it filled with cast-off furniture and Charlie Russel prints pretty quick, though.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out my August blog post for Western Horseman here. My column in their print mag has some fun background information about the writing process for my debut book, which will be published next fall. Pick up a copy of the September Western Horseman if you’d like to read more about it. If you do, you’ll also get to see Tyler Crow’s amazing illustration that made me tear up. Man, he sure nails the artwork each month.

That’s all for this installment of the bi-weekly non paycheck. Hope everyone has a great evening, and we’ll see you back here in two weeks!

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  1. Glad to see you are back! Funny thing that I was thinking of you just a couple weeks ago and wondering what you and your family were up to these days. Low and behold I get an email clueing me into that very thing! Another fun fact, I work in Wickenburg AZ at The American Legion Post 12 as a kitchen manager. Please feel welcome to stop in! Looking forward to more blog posts!

  2. I’m enjoying reading your blog posts again and am amazed how much you do! I’m still writing on my blog but am getting behind . You gave inspired me !!!

  3. Hi Jolyn! Where will you be in AZ? CAUTION: it was 111 here near Luke AFB yesterday!

    Brian ________________________________

    1. Hi Brian, we’re moving to Rio Rico, south of Tucson. I’m looking forward to all the green – the good monsoon season made that country bloom!

      1. Very Cool. I lived in nearby Vale for a couple of years. It’s good country down there. But, it’s also close to the border. Safe travels!

        Brian ________________________________

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