Fall Time is Fun Time

Welcome to October! I hope everyone’s fall time is off to a great start. It’s my favorite time of the year. My entire family has birthdays in the fall, and all the best holidays take place at the end of the year. Sorry, Valentine’s Day – you’re cool but not that cool.

We are officially moved to southern Arizona for the winter. So far, it has rained more in one week than it did all last year in Nevada. We live down in the middle of a brushy river bottom and you can’t see anything until you’re right in front of it. The house is in between a highway and a fairly well-traveled paved road, so for the first time in years I hear traffic sounds all day. I can’t see the cars, but it does feel a bit crowded after living so far down a dirt road for the last year. But it’s fun to see other people, so I’ll adjust. Other people live near other people all the time, and they’re fine, right?

In literary news, my debut book will be released and available to readers in exactly one year. In October of 2023, memoir will be published by Trafalgar Square Press and released into the world. In the short term, I get to start thinking about cover designs. So exciting and fun – like decorating your house, but for a book.

Here’s the most popular blog post on my website for the past week. It’s seven years old, but readers keep coming back to it. If you’d like to read my September blog post for Western Horseman, check it out here.

That’s all for now…happy fall time and get those Halloween costumes ready.

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    1. Haha hey thanks Hannah! I wrote for Western Horseman’s website while absent over here, so check out their archives under Real Life Ranch Wife if you want to get caught up 🙂 Glad to be back, too.

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