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Hello and happy Friday! I hope this finds you well and warm. I’ve been busy like everyone else this time of year, but I wanted to post a quick update with what’s going on in my writing world.

I’m making my way through the first round of edits for my memoir that will be published in fall of 2023. It’s exciting and emotionally draining. Writing a memoir seemed easy because I didn’t have to think of a plot, but man, recalling and describing the emotional highs and lows of the first few years of marriage and moving around all those big outfits is sometimes not so fun. I bribe myself with cookies to complete my edits. I’ll do anything for an Oreo.

If you missed my November blog on Western Horseman, you can check it out here. Spoiler alert: It’s about being grateful, as most November blogs are. Seems kinda cliche, but gratitude never goes out of style. Second spoiler alert: That’s the title of the blog.

I’m branching out from written humor and trying my hand at performing comedy as well. So far, I’ve posted a few videos on YouTube. This short was super fun to make, but I had trouble figuring out how Snooty Mom should dress. I literally don’t even know what that type of woman would wear!

Comment roundup

I’ve had some great comments lately. Grace S left the nicest comment on a WH blog that really warmed my heart and encouraged me to keep writing/creating content for you wonderful readers/viewers. I also received feedback from someone who watched the above video and said, “You nailed the uptight posture for the snooty mom.” Um….that’s just how I stand. I strive for proper posture because my mom always told me to stop slouching when I was a kid.

Hands down favorite comment from the past month: A reader of a previous Western Horseman blog post wrote “I am unimpressed with this article.” It was a satire blog, so it makes sense that he would be unimpressed if he thought it was an article. I chuckle every time I think of that comment.

Oh, and I’m amused by all the people who put thumbs down on my videos. Seriously, how much do you have to dislike a silly little video made by a housewife in order to actually click the thumbs down button? Can’t just let it go and think to yourself, “Eh, not for me”? I’m taking it to mean I caused them to feel enough emotion to take some sort of action. Optimism will get you a long way in this life, I’ve learned.

In case I don’t post again before the new year, Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 to all you good-lookin’ people. I’m not sure if that statement is 100% accurate, but like I said, optimism will get you a long way in this life. Ho ho ho, the King is born, and pour me another glass of eggnog – but only if it’s leaded.

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  1. Merry Christmas Jolyn, to you and your family from The Broke4, back in Louisiana.
    I enjoy your posts and can’t wait to read your new adventures in 2023.
    God Bless

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