Book Fun Preview

Hello and happy spring/winter? It seems the seasons have slipped backward a bit, and I am not mad about it. My sweater collection was strong this year, so I’m happy to bundle up for a few more days.

I’m looking forward to fall, though, because that’s when the book fun starts! We’re planning a book launch party in my hometown of Yreka, California in September or October. I’m so looking forward to celebrating the milestone of my book’s debut with people I’ve known all my life. Then it’s off to a few events for book signings, author talks, and meeting the good people who are interested in my little story. Here’s the link to preorder Never Burn Your Moving Boxes now so you’re all set when these things roll off the printing press.

In the meantime, you can read my latest Western Horseman blog here. It’s about a subject I’ve often laughed about: authentic cowboy decor. Advertising execs want consumers to think hair-on-hide couches and stoneware dish sets are “real” western decor, but you and I know it’s more horsehair everywhere and mismatched, chipped enamel plates. Those things might be hot to the touch, but they’re also virtually indestructible.

Oh, and the comments on that blog post’s WH Facebook page are pretty fantastic. Most people chimed in with their own version of authentic cowboy decor – bits in the bathroom sink and a pile of barn clothes in the mud room. But my all-time favorite comment came from a gal named Ruth who wrote, “It shows you’ve never been in a horse owner/cowboy’s house.” I read that comment three days ago and haven’t stopped laughing about it since.

Here’s another thing to laugh about over on my YouTube channel – how much help I’m not.

And I’ll have you know that shortly after this video, I caught a horse and trimmed all four feet. My husband only had to help me on all four feet, but I successfully nipped a hoof all the way around in one piece, so I was stoked.

Hope everyone is staying warm, grateful, and blessed!

*Top image is from the Spanish Ranch wagon camp in 2016, back when my husband worked there and I never went anywhere without a camera around my neck and a baby on my hip.

7 thoughts on “Book Fun Preview

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  1. Is Reno going to be a stop on your book tour? I’m looking forward to your book and would love to meet you!

    1. Hi Terry! We’re just starting to put together book tour stops now, I will keep Reno in mind for sure. Thanks for reading!

      1. I can’t remember where I first read your work but I have really enjoyed your writing. I’m so proud of you for writing and publishing your book. You go girl!

      2. Thank you so much, Terry! Your encouragement means a lot. It’s so nice to know the words I share are connecting with other people. Hope to meet you somewhere down the road!

  2. A wonderful blog, thank you for sharing with us. A pleasant Friday reading after a hard week. Good luck and don’t stop writing!

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