April, Delayed

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a month, but aren’t they all? Also, it’s still April, right? Because if it’s not, then that means I didn’t get my April blog post published in time. We’ll just call this “April, Delayed” and then my mental calendar can stay on track.

While my mind is wondering where April went, it’s definitely looking like the month of May outside. The mesquite trees finally sprouted itty-bitty, tender green leaves. The river bottom is awash in greenery again, so pretty! Jim is catching cows in a different state, as per his usual, so he will be in for a scenic surprise when he gets home in a few weeks.

I’ve been holding down the home fort, as per my usual, and so far everything has gone pretty smoothly this go-round. I even took apart the grease trap on the bathroom sink and replaced it correctly the other day! That’s a big accomplishment for a woman who usually chants aloud, “Righty tighty, lefty loosey” and still strips all the threads from the screw.

Before Jim left, we enjoyed about a month of roping the sled at the house with the kids. Here’s a blog I wrote about it for Western Horseman. Judging by the comments on social media, I’m not the only one who experiences a few, ahem, “frustrations” when practicing roping with her spouse.

Over in the wide world of YouTube, I’ve been venting a few frustrations with my horsemanship skills. This is basically how I come up with jokes: Think of the most frustrating thing from the past month, then channel that energy into a punchline.

I’ve noticed that when I ride my husband’s horses, they sometimes (often?) kick up their heels when I use my feet for the first few times. Jim has a 40″ inseam compared to my 30″ one, and it seems that not all horses appreciate being kicked that high up on their sides. Oops! I guess they’ll either get used to it or I’ll learn to sit back on my pockets a little better.

I hope everyone’s springtime is off to a great start! Look for another blog post towards the end of the month – I enjoy connecting with you fine people and intend to keep it up. Thanks for being here!

Picture at the top is of our neighbor’s gelding, just because everyone likes to look at a pretty yellow horse.

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