What’s New, What’s Not

It’s been four years and two days since my last blog post, so I figured we’re about due for an update. Let’s see….since 2018 I have had a baby, moved twice, started a business with my husband, and signed a book deal. The baby was my last, the moves are certainly not the last, hopefully the business will last a while, and the book is my first.

Right now, we live in Elko County, Nevada, but we are headed to southern Arizona in a couple months. My husband, Jim, spent all last winter catching wild cattle in Arizona while I stayed in the frozen north country with the kids, and I’m over it. We’re headed south as a family unit with homeschool books packed next to our catch ropes so we can bring all three kids along on all our adventures.

My latest literary adventure is signing my first publishing deal. My debut book is a memoir called Never Burn Your Moving Boxes and will be published by Trafalgar Square Books in fall of 2023. It contains all of the good stuff, plus some of the bad stuff. Just life, you know?

Archived blog posts can all be found below, and new monthly posts have appeared on Western Horseman’s website since 2018. My blog over there is called Real Life Ranch Wife and you can check it out here. I also write a monthly humor column by the same name that appears in Western Horseman’s print magazine. You can pick up a copy at your local feed or tack store or subscribe online.

I think that about covers it…oh, and I grew out my bangs, quit dyeing my hair, and bought my first pair of handmade cowboy boots.

That brings us up to speed. Check back here for links to where my work is published each month, plus bonus blogs with a little insight into our family’s life and a behind the scene look at my writing routine. Spoiler alert: There is no routine. Each word is scribbled, crammed, and rewritten into place while I make endless PB&Js, saddle the kids’ horses, and fold piles of little Wranglers.

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  1. Jolyn, it was so good to hear from you again! I am excited about your book and looking forward to reading it. Good luck on your move to Arizona.

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